A lot of people talk about having an early retirement but for some that creates a bigger problem, what do you do with all that spare time? We often discuss the quantative side with clients, ie how much money but more importantly the qualitative side, what are they going to do with their time.

If you have spent a busy working life and let’s face it most of us do, what happens when you give it all up? For some the novelty wears off fairly soon.

Are you thinking of taking on new adventures, new hobbies, new business ventures? There are only so many more holidays you can have and only so much golf you can play before you get bored.

Boredom and is one of the biggest killers of retirees, especially amongst those that may be single, widowed or divorced. Are we leaving it too late to do all the things we want to do? Are we too focussed on our businesses that we don’t take time out to spend with our loved ones and do the things we really enjoy doing?

Many people struggle to adjust to retirement, simply because they don’t have enough to do anymore. Maybe they miss the camaraderie at work or feel that they are being ‘taken for granted’ by family, who expected them to run around after children and grandchildren. Maybe they don’t like being labelled as ‘old’. Is their enough to challenge the grey matter?

Is the need for self worth one of the biggest challenges our retirees face? It’s human nature to feel that we are doing something worthwhile, that we feel like we are contributing to society in some form or other.  None of these issues are money related yet are far more important than having a big pension yet often overlooked by many. How do we overcome these challenges?