What Are You Passionate About?

Hopefully all of you have taken the time to eliminate the aspects of your life that suck out time and don’t add value to your life!

I’m really passionate about this topic because it is so important to everyone’s life.

Finding new passions and spending time on our already existing ones is really imperative to keep that spark going in our lives! For many people, they change over time as we do. Or, we know lots of people who are searching for something to get passionate about. Whichever one you relate to, new experiences is an essential piece to this! This is especially so when we no longer work

My passions include Scuba Diving and Sharks. One day soon I will go cage diving either off the coast of South Africa or Western Australia to see Great White Sharks up close and personal. I love my music and go to major concerts whenever I can. I’ve been to Wembley Stadium, Twickenham, Knebworth, Donington Park, Milton Keynes Bowl, Birmingham NEC and other major venues to see some of the biggest names in rock music. The point is, it adds huge value to life when you have a passion!

This is less of a tool and more of a reminder to get out there and try something new! If you already have an exhaustive list, then take the time to enjoy it. For some of you it may only be an hour a week, a month or whatever. Whatever time you can spend creating a life that you love, is so worth it and you deserve that!!!

Here is a Quick-list of 10 things that may spark your passion or encourage you to try something new:

  • Photography: no need to be a professional! Just do it for fun and capture scenic images, family pics, or memories of good times with friends etc.
  • Cooking, Baking, Sewing, Knitting etc.
  • Painting (fun to do alone or with family).
  • Volunteer work (with animals, children, or anything you are interested in).
  • Pottery at home.
  • Try taking a course in something that interests you. Further education or an Open University degree maybe?
  • Read or Write for FUN! Whatever interests you, read for the sole purpose of Fun!
  • Try a new sport (ever for those of you who think you are “unathletic”): golf, rollerskating, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, yoga, pilates, bowling, kick boxing, dancing. Whatever you want.
  • Step out of your comfort zone! Join toastmasters, a bingo club, etc.
  • Do something awesome for the environment! Pick up litter in your neighborhood. Educate yourself on composting, recycling, reducing your ecological footprint etc.
  • Scuba diving, you can do this in a swimming pool if you don’t fancy the open seas or a Stoney Cove first thing on a Saturday or Sunday morning. You don’t even have to be a good swimmer. Sharks are an optional extra!

Whatever you decide to do be Sure to Share Your Passion with someone else! Invite a friend, family member, partner to join you on whatever you decide!