8 step transition process to a successful investment experience

We follow proven scientific methods of successful long term investing, providing our clients with the means to meet their investment objectives. The key steps in our process are as follows:

Step 1: Investment Planning AssumptionsThe first step of our process is to ensure that you are happy with the Santorini investment process and the investment philosophies, strategies and processes outlined.

Step 2: Risk modellingUsing sophisticated computer modelling, we assess your attitude to risk allowing us to accurately reflect your investment needs in your portfolio construction.

Step 3: Asset AllocationOnce your risk modelling is complete, we formulate an asset allocation strategy for your investments, optimising the balance of risks and expected returns.

Step 4: Assess Your Current SituationHaving assessed your risk profile and determined your optimum asset allocation, we then compare this with your current investments, showing any disparity between your current and optimum position. Our objective is to determine whether you have received a return on your investments that was commensurate with your exposure to risk.

Step 5: Other Investment CriteriaWe then consider other aspects of your current investments including flexibility, fund choice, performance and charges.

Step 6: Transfer AnalysisHaving defined your optimum investment strategy, should your existing investments not match this strategy, we will analyse the effect of transferring your investments to a more suitable environment.

Step 7: Transfer AdministrationShould any transfer be recommended, we will manage the smooth transition from the existing to new providers.

Step 8: Monitoring & ReportingThe custodian of your assets will report the value of your investments on an annually basis although the exact holdings and values of your portfolio will be available online 24/7. We will provide any additional information you might require to that provided by your custodian as and when required.