Santorini Financial Planning takes its responsibilities as a steward of its clients’ wealth very seriously, and has developed an approach to investing that strives to reach new levels of excellence in the industry. Underpinning this approach is a desire to make the best possible decisions for its clients, implement them in the most effective manner, and to keep things simple, not for simplicity sake, but because that is what the evidence suggests it should do.

Santorini’s approach is quite different from that of most wealth managers: it places the interests of its clients above all else. It provides its services on a fee-only basis, which enables it to offer truly impartial advice and entirely independent best-in-class product choice to its clients.

Its robust and disciplined approach to investing is derived from Nobel-Prize winning academic and empirical foundations, and it sits at the forefront of the use sophisticated tools that help it to formulate and test high quality investment solutions. Finally, its purposefully restricted client list allows it to give each of its clients the attention and service that they deserve throughout the course of their investment journey.