A Personal Approach to Financial Advice

We’re so passionate about your financial plans supporting a real quality of life that our Director named the business after a very important personal landmark. Santorini is the name of a beautiful Greek island which was the setting for his wonderful marriage to his wife. Matthew says “I believe that family is the cornerstone to security, stability and happiness. Santorini Financial Planning aims to mirror that in the advice we give to ensure that you can live your life safe in the knowledge that you and your family are financially secure.”

Why do we approach Financial Planning this way?

Santorini Financial Planning places you at the heart of the planning process. We believe that what you want to get out of life is the most important thing you will ever do with your money. Your money, your life. That is the Santorini approach.

We utilise a three-stage process to help you develop a plan and identify the best investment approach. These steps are Lifeplanning, Financial Planning and finally Independent Financial Advice, in that order. The process of identifying finance products is at the very end, if required, once we both have a clear idea of what it is you want to achieve.

We are only the 10th financial planning firm in the UK to be awarded BS 8577 – Framework for the provision of financial advice and planning services.

Personal Plans before Investment Products

If you’ve had or heard of a bad experience with a financial adviser, it is likely that whoever was involved simply tried to sell a “product”. At Santorini Financial Planning, we only recommend investment products at the very end of the process if they are likely to support your own personal financial plan. We want to know what you want to achieve and when you want it to happen – we simply provide the support you need to create a working plan based on our extensive knowledge and experience of working with our clients.